Thursday, May 19, 2016


today was a rough one.

i was really nauseas all day, and then it really came on like a massive tidal wave in the afternoon.

i had to leave work early to come home because i just couldn't take it any longer.

i had to go.

that was really hard for me.

i saw this video last night (which everyone of you should - in my humble opinion - take 10 minutes of your day to watch. like right now. it is that good. trust me. are you watching yet? have i ever been wrong before? i think we both know the answer to that).


it is a really hard one for me. i am trying day by day to work on it.

as i was driving home today, i thought about acceptance and how walking out of the office was such a major step for me. it was me saying to myself "you are too sick to be here right now. you need to go home and rest. this is your reality, whether you like it or not. so accept it and make the right choice for you."

but it was so damn hard. and i was angry. and i was sad. and a part of me was grieving because it felt like my fears were coming true the moment i walked out that door. i might not be able to work like i always have, and that is devastating and crushing for me.

i walked in the house, put my bags down, changed from my work clothes, and went straight to bed. i didn't get out until about 3 hours later when my awesome husband had some dinner for me to try and eat (in addition to being a really good blog poster as needed, he is a good cook too;)).

so now i am off to head back to bed and try to get some more rest. i hope when i wake up i feel a little better.

i hope your weekends are good ones. ours is going to include a billy joel concert for me (and come hell or high water i am making it through the entire show), sleeping in, camp outs, tickle fights, down time, dreaming about the new house, reading my happy mail, swim lessons, and some time with extended family.

enjoy your weekends peeps. make them good. do something fun. relax. eat your favorite ice cream. go to your favorite restaurant. get outside. play. smile. laugh. drink a cold cider (make it two since you will need to drink one for me;)). xoxo


  1. I took the 10 minutes right now to watch and it was worth every second. Thanks alli, I'm better for it! Hoping today is less nausea filled and you're able to roll into your very lovely weekend. Thinking of you always.