Wednesday, May 25, 2016

the lone ranger

met with my oncologist today. man, i am thankful for that guy every single day of my life.

as i totally anticipated since it was never mentioned by the nurses, yours truly is the first patient he has ever seen with swelling like mine from treatment.

i will take my curtsey now thankyouverymuch.

because of course if anyone is going to have a side effect he has not seen before, it has to be me. because if anyone is going to be the lone ranger, it has to be this kid. it was that way with my previous treatment, i had extreme side effects that most all other patients do not have (like losing all my hair - which mine is currently starting to already thin a bit).

honestly, i totally predicted this one. on a good note, my breathing sounded good when he listened to it (which makes my mom super duper relieved), which is a really good thing. i mean, that kind of goes without saying, right? right. anyways, we will continue to monitor the swelling (forgot to mention last night that i also have swollen ankles but they aren't yet in full on kankle mode like they were when i was pregnant so i am super thankful for that). if something changes dramatically, i will of course let him know right away (i promise mom).

also on the list, we talked about the muscle aches i have which is common (reminds me a bit of my year spent on interferon when it hurt so bad to walk - not to that level yet), and how any joints that slightly ached before really ache now. he reminded me that the treatment can cause arthritis to come on, really hoping that doesn't kick in for me. but like with everything else, we shall see.

i am going to try a new drug to help with nausea, my current one makes me really drowsy so that is a no go on work days. so we will see if the new one helps me make it through monday - friday.

we talked a bit more about how the side effects are likely going to be rough(er) after this next dose, ugh. but i will just have to take it as it comes and see how i do. i would be lying to you if i said that june/july were going to be easy months. but are any months with cancer easy? i say no. so onward we go.

we talked about a port, i am still debating that one a little bit more. actually have been feeling so crappy i had not thought about it too much, but will think it through more after this next round of treatment.

after we left the appointment, i did my usual swing through the gift shop to see if they had any cool hats that i could not live without.

as you can see from the picture, that was a very successful mission.

happy thursday all -- i am so ready for friday to get here. i might crawl my way into it, but  i will make it. we can do this. look out friday, we are coming for you. (insert hand fist emoji here because i can't figure out how to do that on blogger;))


  1. Alli, you are my inspiration again. I have had trouble walking since my aorta repair. It is getting worse, so I have to have an EMG today. I found out on Monday and since then my thoughts of your bravery have made me relax about the outcome of this test. Your blog has changed my way of thinking about my own health so much for the better. Before you, I would have taken some Valium to calm me down. Now, all I have to do is think of you. Still praying for your health and comfort and a good doctor visit today. Thank you so much for this blog.