Tuesday, January 19, 2016


mornings seems to be my roughest time for some reason.

i was very nauseas again this morning so had to take meds and lay back down for a couple of hours until i felt good enough to get up.

when the nausea comes, it really comes on hard. hoping that as i start to head farther out from surgery that the nausea dissipates a little more each day. i am definitely still really sore on my left side and can feel when i breathe that my lung is working its way back up to full strength. no running for me in the next week or two;) but i am looking forward to feeling well enough to go on some longer walks outside of the house to get some fresh air when i can.

going to leave the house today for the first time since coming home to go to a doctor appointment for malena. it will nice to be out for a little bit, and hopefully i can do it without too much pain or discomfort. i am sure that little trip will pretty much wipe me out.

next wednesday is our follow up appointment with the surgeon to get the results of the tests on the nodules and for him to see how my lung and incisions are recovering. i am working on scheduling my appointment with my oncologist (which will be after the one with my surgeon) where we will talk about the results and what we will do next. i am glad that those appointments don't start until next week, i am not feeling physically strong enough (not to even mention the emotional side of it) to make it through those yet.

i hope that you have a great day;)

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