Thursday, January 21, 2016

the latest

i think that it will be easier to assume that my days are filled with nausea and pain until i actually can write that they aren't.

yesterday was another bad round in the morning, and then it started to lift a bit and i felt good enough to do a couple of walking laps around our block with my dad. the fresh air seemed to help a bit so i was hoping to do that again in the afternoon.

but nausea had other plans for me. i was feeling ok in the afternoon and then got hit with what i will lovingly call a tsunami wave of nausea. it came on so bad and so quickly that it honestly felt like getting hit and knocked over by a huge wave. i was able to sleep a bit of it off and was then pretty much wiped out from that point forward.

i am feeling really tired today - had a hard time falling asleep last night due to pain so i think that it was around 1:30am by the time i finally got to sleep. no partying for me tonight (as if that would happen, i am still in such rough shape that a taste of cider doesn't even sound remotely good. you know that means i feel tough;)).

i hope that your thursday is going well, and you are doing something fun as part of your day. get some ice cream. read a book. watch a favorite show. take yourself out for some dinner that sounds good. have a cold cider (or two) for me.

thanks for all of the good vibes that you are continuing to be sent our way, we really appreciate it.



  1. Damn! I really am pissed that you continue to feel like crap! Stupid melafuckanoma.I think about you every day and offer good vibes up for a quick recovery but obviously Someone is clearly not listening! I ran 5 miles for you today on the treadmill as it was just too cold out and tomorrow I will raise a glass or two with my friends in your honor. I know it's tough but you are tougher! Hugs!

  2. Hope you can get some sleep - it's the best medicine when you need to heal.

  3. Totally pulling for you over here, Alli. I am grateful that you will willingly share the CRAP with the joy. Yes, I will toast you and know that you will soon want to toast back. xoxox