Friday, January 8, 2016

for beth

it was two years ago today that beth was diagnosed with cancer.

i can still remember the exact moment she called me.

it was dark out. it was raining. i was driving on my way home. i was on state route 202 and was just about to turn off to head up the hill towards our house.

i remember seeing my phone ring with her name lighting up. i remember answering the phone and hearing her voice and knowing something was wrong. very wrong. and then she told me.

it is amazing how you can remember every detail of those conversations. i remember her calling me as vividly as i remember the doctors telling me i had been diagnosed. i remember it is vividly as i remember when my parents had all of us kids in the kitchen to tell us that my dad had been diagnosed with cancer. i remember every single detail of those conversations.

so today i am sending beth extra amounts of love as she finds her way through this second cancerversary. an anniversary that i really wish that she didn't have, but i am thankful that on this one (as i know will be the case for all others to come) she has no cancer present. super, super thankful for that. could not ask for more than that today.

so send out some extra love to seattle today as she gently finds her way through this day. these days when you remember the exact moment your life changed are hard ones. i know. i really wish she didn't have to.

and have a good weekend. i hope that you all do something fun. ours is going to include me wrapping up work. camp outs. sleeping in. a new round of swim lessons starting for kiddo. watching the seahawks win on sunday. lots of good things.

i will write more later this weekend, and then my sister (aka nerd) is going to take over the blog as she did last time i had surgery.

so until sometime on sunday, have a good one. xo

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  1. Sending light and love and prayers to both you and Beth today. May your weekend be filled to the brim with goodness. Holding you close over here. Xoxo