Friday, January 22, 2016

hello friday, good to see you

ok, here is the deal -- i am tired of feeling nauseas and i am tired of writing about feeling nauseas, so i am not going to write about it until i can say that i no longer feel it -- which will be a pretty kick ass day. that day is not today, but i know that if i just hang in here long enough, that day will come. that day has to come. right? right. that day's blog post might just be the shortest blog post ever. it might say just "nauseus. no more". you will know what that means;)

i got in a walk around the neighborhood today (don't worry mom, i did not over do it i promise) and it was so nice to see some blue sky and feel some fresh air in my lungs. i had just come around the corner to my house when it started to dump rain. so i figured that i couldn't have probably timed that walk any better because i am not going to take a chance on getting sick by walking in the rain (i am sure that my mom is thrilled to see that in writing).

i started reading tiny beautiful things today and so far am loving it. my friend ellie borrowed it to me because she had read it and thought i would really like it (thank you ellie, xoxo). my kind friend kirsten in texas asked if i would like to read a book together while i recover so we are reading this one. we both just started so i am looking forward to getting to see what she thinks of it as we move along through the pages.

i heard the song "humble and kind" and watched the video by tim mcgraw yesterday for the first time. wow. just wow. i loved the lyrics and i think that the video is so beautiful due to the images within it. the image showing the woman entering the scan machine was when my tears started to fall. a new favorite song that will be on my music rotation for sure.

i hope that you all have really good weekends. ours is going to include the start of girl scout cookie season (i will give you one guess who is the lead cookie mom for the entire troop). i am hungry for some fajitas so i told barrett that if i am up for it i want to see if i can gimp my way into town for some food. we have a girl scout event for malena. we have projects to finish due to the flooding we had last year (and when i say "we" i really mean barrett since i can't lift anything and will essentially just be supervising his work;)). i also hope it includes the chance for me to get some more walks in and a little more reading -- and some games of "sorry" in which malena will undoubtedly win like she always does (for the record, i used to be the champion of that game when i was a kid, but the girl is giving me a run for my money).

i hope that you all have a great weekend -- do something fun. please. it is the weekend. you aren't gimped up with four incisions and a healing lung. you can make the most of it. please do it. i plan to even with four incisions and a healing lung.

talk to you on the flip side of the weekend. xoxo

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  1. Alli - thanks for sharing and I hope you have a good healing weekend. Just wanted to mention that I think "nauseous no more" is a great stage name, and I hope you can claim it really soon! :). Take care and have fun supervising your husband...-D