Friday, January 15, 2016

hello friday

first off, big thanks to my awesome sister for doing updates all week. i so appreciated it - and once someone showed me her update each day, i laughed each time. nice work nerd, love you. (ps - "shalom" has been how we have greeted each other for as long as i can remember, for absolutely no particular reason at all. so her using that as her intro each time was hilarious to me, which i think was her goal;))

today has been another long day of nausea, hoping that it trails off more and more as each day goes by. because of that, i have been down more than i have been up today. but i am just listening to what my body needs and going with that.

we took my bandages off today which is always rough. hurts like hell physically to take the bandages off and hurts like hell emotionally to see the four new incisions that will now carry my wounds of this fight. my left side looks like a battleground which was to be expected. i also have multiple bruises on my stomach from where they injected heprin (sps?) directly into my stomach to ensure that i didn't get any blood clots, and very sore hands from the large iv needles that were put into the top of each hand.

so i am moving slow but getting better day by day, slow and steady wins the race, right?

thanks for all of the love and support this week, we really appreciate - it helps so much to know that we have so many rooting for us as we move through this.

i hope that you all have a great weekend. get outside. do something fun. go on a new adventure. start a new book you have wanted to read. check out a restaurant you have been curious about. stay in your pjs a little longer just because you can. whatever would make you happy this weekend, do that. everything else will be on the to do list later (and is not as important anyways).

trust me.



  1. So glad you're feeling well enough to do the update today. Your sister has done a great job and I appreciated knowing how you were doing. Each day will bring you closer to healing and closer to recovery. I plan to have a great weekend and will do at least one or two of your suggestions (in your honor!)

  2. So good to hear from you! Slow and steady for the win. Keep on listening to your body. I'll be over here doing some reading this weekend ;)

  3. Your sister rocks! So glad you have a team in action. Also lovely to hear your voice today. Cheering for you from over here. Throwing some rocks into the water with wishes for you today.