Sunday, January 3, 2016

kicking it off polar style

we started the year of with a 5k run and a polar plunge into lake washington.

they don't call it "polar" for no reason.

it was cold but it was fun. this was our second year in a row doing it and we had a good time (considering we were running 3 miles and then going into the super cold lake). go team hanson.

so the week before surgery is here. this week will be very busy with getting things wrapped up at the office and doing a transition to the person that will keep things moving when i am out.

transitioning is a mix of anxiety, anger, frustration -- you name it. i don't want to be from out (unless it is a planned vacation;)), i don't want to miss things happening on the projects i work on, and so i get bitter and i get angry. just two of the many emotions swirling around here this week.

i hope that you all had a great time ringing in 2016 whether you did it quietly or loudly with horns and kazoos like we did.

i hope that whatever you are hoping for this year comes your way.

happy 2016 all, here we go.

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