Tuesday, January 26, 2016

it's raining, it's pouring -- and i am definitely not snoring

no walk for me today. it is dumping rain here today.

imagine that. rain in january. how unusual.

was feeling ok (which tends to mean sore and totally exhausted) this morning, starting to really feel the word-i-won't-write-about-anymore (which insomnia might start to fall into that same category of banned words), so we will see how this afternoon goes.

my appointment with the surgeon is tomorrow afternoon. was supposed to be in the morning but got a call yesterday that they had to move it. so x-ray first of my lung, appointment with him second to hear how my lung/incisions are healing and the results of what the tests showed.

i probably won't post anything else until sometime tomorrow evening, because a) i won't have much to say before that, and b) i will be trying to distract myself from watching the minutes go tick tock on the clock.

hope your tuesday is great -- and a little drier that ours.

anywhere i go, you go.


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