Sunday, January 10, 2016

here we go

i am eating a big bowl of fruit, it will be my last food for a long time to come.

so i am really enjoying it.

my special shower of the night has been taken. the work "out of office" messages and voicemails have been set.

now it comes down to packing the hospital bag, getting things ready for malena to keep the routine moving while we are at the hospital, downloading some new music to listen to, etc.

the final details.

i am feeling the usual mix of emotions.







i really wish this wasn't my story.

but it is.

and so onward i go.

thanks for all of the prayers, love, and mojo -- it all means so much to us.

my sister will do updates on the blog starting tomorrow until i can take it back on. so check out the blog for updates (and reminder, if you get blog updates via email, the emails have a delay so you will see updates on the actual blog before you see them in your inbox), i expect that surgery will be done sometime towards early evening but we will see how it goes.

bring on the fight.

anywhere i go, you go.


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