Friday, August 16, 2013

weekend + happy mail campaign

hello, weekend.

it seems like you have taken a long time to get here, and i still have to make it through a really long day at work (on my day off which makes it just that much better) before you officially get here. but, i can see you and you are looking pretty damn good. i think that we will have some fun together.

the weekend will kick off with a movie date night (yes!), and then tomorrow i will watch proudly as my nephew gets married. i am not sure how that is happening since i am pretty sure that he is still only two years old. me = proud aunt. so a saturday of family time is waiting just around the corner. i am so happy that i will be there to watch him get married, being at these important milestones now always feels just that much more special to me.

on sunday, i am jumping out of a plane. yes, a plane. yes, me. yes, it is going to happen. yes, i am not sure what i have got myself into. you might hear me screaming when i jump out of the plane from wherever you are...don't mind me, i am just jumping out of a plane at 8,000 feet so that i have a 30 second freefall. you know, the usual sunday routine.

lastly, if you want to sign up for the the happy mail project let me know today. i am going to be putting together the pen pal lists over the weekend so that everyone is ready to go the week of 8/26.

as i was reminded of again yesterday when getting some unexpected news, you can never predict how life is going to change for you or those that you love (i love you and you can do this - no matter what comes). but you do the best that you can do to show up each day and give them as much love and kindness as you can. you are reminded to say your thanks for all of the good things in your life.

i hope that this weekend finds you doing whatever makes you happy (maybe it is just taking a nap which sounds pretty damn awesome to me right now).

anywhere i jump, you jump. xo


  1. so excited for you Alli. I could never do it. but can't wait to hear all about it. ox

  2. Awesome! Go jump out of that plane and fly!!!! So happy for you...want to do it myself, but haven't got up the nerve! Love it!