Monday, August 12, 2013

the happy mail project

so in my post last night i talked about a fun new idea that came to me as i wrote the guest post for "the gratitude project".

here is the idea.

generate more happy mail in the world.

you know that i am big fan of happy mail campaigns, many of you participated in the one that we did for jennifer as well as the one that will continue throughout this year for chase, ava, and tanner.

this time, i am creating a new happy mail campaign where you will have a pen pal that you will send happy mail to once a month. simply because sending happy mail out into the world is fun, and we all know that recieving it is equally as fun.

here is how it would work:
- once a month, you will send a card or postcard to someone (see below for how you will know who that person is).
- you will send your happy mail the fourth week of the month.
- i will send you a reminder email the week before it is time to send out happy mail.
- i will assign you the person that you will send happy mail to, maybe it will be someone you know, maybe it will be your chance to make a brand new connection.
- you will send your happy mail in the fourth week of the month starting in august, the last month would november and we would end the week of thanksgiving.

i think that collectively sending some happy mail out in the world over the next couple of months can only help generate good mojo, and we all need some of that.

if would like to participate, let me know by this friday. make sure that you give me 1) your email address, and 2) your  mailing address -- if i don't already have both pieces of information.

i will then assign everyone their happy mail pen pal this weekend and we will send out the first happy mail the week of 8/26. if you are in canada or somewhere else outside of the u.s., feel free to sign up and i will ensure that your pen pal is up for some international happy mail sending;)

i hope you will join me, we can all use a little love in our mailboxes.

happy tuesday peeps. xo


  1. Hi! What email address should we use to send you our info if we want to sign up to do happy mail?

  2. Hi Alli, Sign me up too!! (Email from retreat list is best)


    1. Sorry -- for some reason its puts me as "Unknown". This is Sarah Guard. x