Friday, August 30, 2013

hello three day weekend, i think you will be pretty great

when malena and i were walking to the car last night in the pouring down rain (hello fall in the pacific northwest), i looked down and saw this heart. i love it when we see hearts when we are out and about, especially on days that have been filled with deadlines and stress.

we are looking forward to this weekend, it is going to include:
+++ a 90 minute massage for me (woohoo!!!) after working for most of the day today (boooo!!!)
+++ three campout nights - we are going to start a new tradition of having popcorn on friday nights. i remember having popcorn on friday nights with my parents when i was a kid, and i loved that ritual and it is one of my favorite memories. i am excited to start a new tradition with malena.
+++ a birthday party for nerd at our house (party, party!!)
+++ annual family trip down to the horse races (big money, no whammies!), this year i have the small goal of winning enough that i can retire. let's hope that little dreams can come true;)
+++ making some baby shower invitations for a very special mom's upcoming celebration
+++ working on our pictures and finishing up getting the disney pictures into the album
+++ scheming some more on christmas gifts that i am going to make this year
+++ thinking more about that etsy shop (nerd/jill -- you should be thinking too - hint hint)
+++ catching up on my email inbox (if you are one of the people that i owe an email back to, thank you for being so patient with me)
+++ sleeping in
+++ not working. not working. not working. not working.
+++ catching my breath
+++ starting to read this book which i have heard really great things about

have a great weekend peeps. i hope that it brings you some down time to just be.

make it a good one, i know that i will. xo


  1. Enjoy your weekend and the relaxing! We had an in-service day today (teachers work, students stay home...they need a day when students show up and teachers get to leave! ha ha) and it was extremely stressful. Many of my colleagues are worked up and wondering if they can enjoy the weekend. I made the choice to put the paperwork down and walk away today, determined to not let it get the best of me.
    Enjoy the weekend, looks like you have a lot planned. Thanks for the book idea, I read a great deal and this one looks good!

  2. Because it was a long weekend, I have a sinus/cold/thingy, I had just finished reading a book, and we were at Barnes and Noble...I got "Where'd You go, Bernadette" put it down. Read 1/2 of it the first night. Up until midnight last night, just have a little bit left. It's really an interesting story...can't wait to see how it all ends. Did you have a chance to begin reading it?
    Hope you got to sleep in, relax, and enjoy the weekend!