Sunday, August 11, 2013

the gratitude project

when i was at the retreat in oregon, i met an awesome woman named jo-anne who started a movement called "the gratitude project." she started the project as "a social engagement experiment triggered by my personal desire to celebrate the many blessings in my life in concert with others. It was sparked by the simple question:Wouldn’t it be cool to find out what others are grateful for?!”

you know that i love gratitude so i thought her idea and the concept were great and pretty interesting.

i was honored when jo-anne asked me to do a guest post on her blog. i chose to answer the question "what creative outlet are you most grateful for, and why?" 

in short, my answer was happy mail.

you can read my entire guest post by going over to the dare to be grateful blog. i would encourage you to follow her blog, facebook page, and twitter feeds to think a little more about gratitude. thinking a little more about gratitude can only make your days better. but i know that you already know it.

writing that guest post for jo-anne sparked a new idea for me, and i will share more about that tomorrow. it is something fun that you can be a part of, and i know that you love fun ideas too.

lastly, but definitely not least, i want to share that addison finished her fight with melanoma on thursday night. as noted on her facebook page, "Addison earned her wings and has been reunited with her mama in Heaven. Addison left this earthly world at 9:29 on Aug 8th, 2013, being rocked in the loving arms of her daddy and surrounded by many family and friends. We can never thank you all enough for the support and prayers."

as i wrote last week, my heart feels like it is in a million pieces over the loss of addison. no one should have to fight melanoma, much less a two year old little girl with her entire life ahead of her. 

clink. clink. clink.

bless you addison, you will never be forgotten.

tonight i am grateful for being given the chance to know your story.

i will keep up the fight in your honor. xo


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