Thursday, August 8, 2013

for jennifer + letting go and moving on

first to my brother, this post will happen after 10pm, but i am not working tomorrow so i should not be in trouble.

now that we have that clear (we are clear, right stevie?)....

on friday, our friend jennifer (you all know jennifer, hence our awesome happy mail for jennifer campaign) will be going in for scans. we all know how much scans suck. she is going to have to do the contrast routine, we all hate that. me especially. so let's send her all of our good mojo, vibes and prayers for her to get through the scans and for good results next week. thanks peeps, i know that her and mike appreciate it. it does my heart good to know that they will have our vibes with them when they roll into seattle cancer care alliance.

this weekend is our annual family garage sale - a favorite summer tradition.

i made the decision to sell some our baby things that we won't use anymore. put that decision in the category of tough unbelievably hard. lots and lots of tears. but it needed to be done. i have known that for a long time. malena is going to be five in four months, clearly we don't have a baby anymore. clearly, we won't have a baby again. clearly, we have to find a way to move through the sadness.

it won't be easy to watch those things go home with someone else on saturday.

but it is time.

time to let go.

time to move on.

so i am.

in baby steps.

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  1. Hi Alli, I found this hard too!! My Mother saved some things from my childhood and I loved Alex wearing them. So...I saved some things too - first shoes, some of my favorite sleepers/dresses etc. Tough, so tough but a good process to go through. XOX