Tuesday, August 20, 2013


+++ thanks for all of the good vibes and mojo for sharon today. her tumor markers were up, so she will go back in six weeks for more bloodwork. if the results are up again, she will have a ct scan. so we need to keep sending all our mojo, prayers, and good thoughts. sharon is keeping her usual positive attitude, so let's get those tumor markers to head for the hills. go sharon go!!

+++ here is the latest update on chaser and his appointments at the mayo clinic:

Mayo- Day 1

Written 9 hours ago
The two appointments today went well. Man, what an impressive facility! We met with a neurologist first. He examined Chase, checked his vitals, and sat down and talked with us for about 30mins. He said he was pleasantly surprised with Chases condition- Especially after reading his records, and given the amount of time he was without oxygen. He was very impressed with Chases reflexes, tone, skin color-condition, his eye tracking- and his great head of hair! He thinks Chasers recovery is coming along nicely. He recommends that we keep doing exactly what we are doing, and praised the therapy and care that he has gotten thus far. He mentioned a few other treatments that he had researched for patients in Chases condition, but we agreed that none of them are worth the known, and unknown risks involved for Chase- especially when he is continuing to progress as he is. We also discussed the hyperbaric oxygen Chamber- he reiterated what we have already known, that there just isn't enough knowledge out there to put Chase through the potential risks involved. Most of the known sucess stories are from blunt trama to the brain, and not oxygen deprived damage. He is going to take a look at Chases MRI and give us a report next week.

Then we met with a G.I. specialist. Wow! - if he in my dad were alone in the room - the level of intelligent conversation, and big words would be mind boggling! :) He did a quick examination of Chase, and we had good long discussion about his throwing up. He has a few ideas of what could be causing it, but wants multiple testing done so we can pinpoint exactly what it is! Yeah!!! NO more......."we'll just have to watch it".........or, "lets keep our eye on it"........or, ......"its probably because of the brain injury" So we are schedualed to go back tomorrow to see a couple of specialists, and if they can fit it in, we are going to do a 24hr study with Chase staying at the hospital- if not, that will be next week. We are going to do another swallowing test, take another look inside his stomach and esophagus, and alot of other big worded tests that Lisa will have to explain.... :) Lisa has the cruise set at 68 and we are on our way home. We would have been on the road earlier, but Lisa had to stop at Hobby Lobby- which if any of you guys haven't been to, don't bother- nothing for dudes there. Chaser and I hit Best Buy.
Will let you know how the testing goes tomorrow. Have a good night.
God is Good!!
+++ if you signed up for the happy mail project you should have received your pen pal info from me. if you didn't receive it, please get in touch with me (and sorry that i am apparently incapable of good organization skills this week). so excited for all of the happy mail that will be going across the us and into canada next week. woohoo!!
+++ i am pretty much in love with every item in the mulberry press etsy site. big love. one of everything please.
+++ i am booking a hot air balloon ride -- funny how being at 3,000 feet in a hot air balloon now isn't even just a little bit scary after jumping out of a plane at 13,000 feet. perspective. thank you skydiving, you make everything from now on much easier. i am going to try and load that skydive video later this week so you all can see it (though i may be pushing my technology capabilities so we will see how it goes. it may work, or i may make my computer blow up. we shall see, 50/50 chance of success of failure).
happy wednesday peeps - we are half way there, don't know about you, but i pretty much feel like it should be friday tomorrow. i feel like i totally deserve it after the last two days (loooooong, looooooong days) of work. ugh. i am begging you friday, pick up the pace and get here already.

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