Tuesday, August 6, 2013

vibes for megan and keith + heavy heart

i can't tell you how much i wish that cancer would just go away. that no one would ever have to fight it, live with it, lose someone to it. i Hate (and i used a capital letter so you know it is a big deal) cancer. but you already knew that. i know you feel the same way. that is why we get along so well in this little space of my blog.

due to how much i hate it, i also feel very compelled to ensure that i send as many good vibes to offset it as possible which is where you all continue to come in.

as you have done for patty and jennifer and others before, we need to get the vibes going for my friend megan and her husband keith. keith was diagnosed with a brain tumor recently, and his latest scans showed that the tumor had started to grow. 

tomorrow keith goes in for surgery in seattle to remove as much of the tumor as is possible. pending the outcome of surgery, he may have to do radiation and chemo combined.

please send them your good vibes, mojo, and prayers for a successful surgery tomorrow and a good recovery. also send your energy telling that damn tumor that its days are numbered so it is clear that it should pack its bags to head far, far out of town.

thank you friends for sending them your vibes that work wonders. i know we could bottle your vibes/mojo/prayers and sell it for a lot of money since it works so well. but i kind of like that it is our little secret. don't you?

regarding the heavy heart, it is always so excruciating to hear the news of another melanoma warrior who is nearing the end of their fight. the family of little addison, who is two years old, has received the news from her doctors that there is nothing more they can do. nothing more they can do. i can't begin to tell you how much i hate those five individual words when they appear in that order. it is the worst. addison is now home with their family, and i ask that you send them lots of love as they spend their final hours with her. that family needs a lot of love, they already lost addison's mom briana to melanoma just last year.

damn the black beast.

there are times, likely even more than i know, when melanoma breaks my heart into a million pieces. reading the update about addison was one of those times. it feels like the pieces of my heart are rattling around inside me, i am pretty sure that i can hear them when i walk. clink. clink. clink.

the other warriors. they are one of the reasons that i don't celebrate good news too loudly. for me, there is always some guilt around good news. guilt because i know so many other warriors who are also currently fighting, and as we know with melanoma, the bad news tends to outweigh the good news. so, when good news comes my way, i quietly say my thanks because i know that i am lucky and i do not take it for granted. not for one second. not for one minute. not for one day. on the days when good news comes, i wish that i could send it out on the wind to all of the other warriors so that it could bloom where they are.

so tonight i will send my mojo, vibes, and prayers to keith, megan, addison and her family.

i hope that you will send yours their way too.

i know you will.


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