Tuesday, August 13, 2013

good news + moving on + chase

let's start with the good great awesome news first. jennifer's scans came back negative! yes, your mojo worked its magic again:) so happy for her and mike! when we got the news, malena and i did a dance in our chairs at chicken robin. yep, we were that excited - i think that we would have done a dance while actually on our feet but malena thought it was super funny to dance in our chairs so we went with it. another deep breath and huge sigh of relief. we are on a good news roll with scan results, we will need to keep the mojo going for patty's next rounds of scans.

this weekend as we sold some of malena's baby things, it felt like little pieces of my heart left with each piece of clothing. i was struck with how vivid my memories of her in each outfit were. but they are only the clothes, they are not the memories. those are mine to keep. baby steps, i have taken the first one. i will keep taking more. one at a time. it is all part of the journey, and although it is not the path that i ever thought i would be on, i am finding my own way. for the last couple of days, for various reasons, this post has been on my mind.  as kelly wrote in "lift", "i think about your futures a lot. i often want to whisper to you, when we're tangled up together or i'm pinning your poetry to the bulletin board or repositioning the pillow under your head so you don't get a crick. remember this. this is what love feels like. don't take less. but what i end up saying is "this was my dream. you were my dream." i've said it too many times though; now when i look at you all soft and gushy and say "guess what?" you say "this was your dream. i was your dream."

she has always been my dream. 

i also want to give the latest update on our little warrior chaser - go chaser go!!
Written August 12, 2013 11:28pm
The last few days here at the Lykken household have been Great! We spent the weekend hanging out together as a family and did a lot of much needed bonding. On Friday we all took Chaser around the block for a long walk on his trike, and then came back and settled in for family movie night. With the contruction on the Sunroom done, we were all anxious to hang out in the new room and watch a movie on the Big Screen. Chase seems to love the new room. Lisa called me Friday morning at work, almost extadic to tell me the news. She put Chase up close to the big screen in his wheel chair, and his eyes moved back and forth across the screen as Jake and the Neverland Pirates paraded in front of him Samsung style. Although we have not heard back from his vision test done a few weeks back, clearly he is able to see lights and follow them! :) The last few days his eye tracking has become noticeably more frequent, and much more distinct. Its like he is watching our every move and processing it.
We are doing our best to do all of the things we used to do prior to the accident. We both feel it is the healthist way for our family to heal, and to get back into normalcy. On Saturday, we ventured out to the Lakefront Days Parade, where we ran into many supporters of Chase. It was great to be amung the local community and feel part of it again- Man we Love this community! We spent the afternoon hanging out together, did some grillin, a family picnic in the driveway, and took Chase on another walk on his trike.
Sunday morning, Armed with plenty of towels, extra outfit for Chase, and the portable suction machine, we all slid into the back at Grace Church. Lisa and I were worried that he might make a scene by throwing up in the middle of the sermon. To our surprise, there was only one little episode, and it was right in the middle of the muscial jam session- with all of the congregation "making a joyful noise", no one seem to notice the green machine firing up and suching the formula from the front of Chasers outfit that he expelled! Whew! We made it home in time for me to meet a saltwater tank expert at the house to give me some pointers on Chasers new tank , and teach me the quickest, easiest way to maintain it. It turns out I havent been doing to bad- might be time for a bigger one :)
We have had plenty of visitors this week, one special one dropped by to see Chase on Thursday. His buddy from school, Lilly. She was the friend of his that was hit by a car a couple of months back- she has made almost a complete recovery! Props to the Big Guy for that!

Overall, Chase has come a long way this week. With his Tracking and overall alertness, it seems like his little brain starting to process. His Sleeping patterns have been very consistant. He is sleeping through most of the nights. His swallowing and cough are getting stronger and more frequent. We are still battling the throwing up issue. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to why or when he throws up. We have added more water to his formula, which has decreased the thickness of his mucus buildup in his throat- this seems to have helped his swallowing get better. We managed to get a couple of schedualed appointments at the Mayo down in Rochester. Next Tuesday we meet with a neurologist, and a week later, we meet with a G.I. doctor Hopefully this will bring some answers, if not, shed some light and open some doors on Chasers current condition. There is no doubt the move home has been good for Chase and the rest of the family. We are all looking forward to watching Chase make more progress!

God is Good!"
i am excited for everyone who has signed up so far for the happy mail project, it is going to be very fun. if you don't have my email, leave me your email in a comment and i will take down your email and will delete the comment tomorrow. i will follow up with you via email to connect on your address and information.
lastly, if you are looking for some awesome invitations that can be customized and delivered to your door, you need to check out the mini mart market. marta just relaunced her shop and the invitations/stationary in the store look so awesome. makes me want to organize a shower/bbq/anniversary/dessert party, etc. right now. i might call in sick tomorrow to do some serious party planning;)
have a good wednesday all - we are halfway there. i don't know about you, but friday seems  a long, long way from here. i am going to keep putting one step in front of the other, i am hoping that eventually i will get there. eventually.
make it a good day peeps. xo
ps) to my brother - yes, i know that it is 11 minutes past 10pm. yes, i know that i am in trouble. yes, i know that you might disown me. yes, i take your strong reminders (aka subtle hints) very seriously. yes, i know that you are my big brother and i should listen to you. yes, i am going to bed right now.

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