Wednesday, August 7, 2013


my brother totally busted me today. he has been paying attention to my posting times and called me out for staying up past my self-imposed 10pm curfew. so now that i know that he is watching, i will be posting earlier in the evening:)

thanks for the good vibes for megan and keith, the surgery went well and his doctor thinks that he was able to get most of the tumor out. awesome!

thanks also for all of the good thoughts that have been sent to addison and her family, here is the latest update that was posted within the last hour on her facebook page:
"On August 5th , Addison's doctors told her family that her recent health decline was the result of a brain tumor which is bleeding in the right side of her cerebellum and is causing pressure on her brain stem. At this time she has very lit...tle brain activity but is breathing on her own and appears to be able to recognize voices of family members. She has been placed on hospice and is at home with her family. Addison has fought a tough battle against melanoma with the support of thousands of prayers from her mothers home town of Wichita and around the world. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers. As you can see, she is surrounded by love, is comfortable and always has someone by her side.
~Addison's Army"
keeping sending your love to addison and her family.
while writing about warriors, here is the latest update on our warrior chase that just came in:
"Lisa and I just realized it has been over a week since we have added a journal entry. OPPS! Its not that we didn't think about doing one, but time just kept slipping away. We have had a pretty busy household here. With kids coming and going with their buddies-in and out of the house, hockey, vacation bible school, golf. ect...
On Friday, Tanner and I took a few of his buddies, and their dads up to Mille Lacs for an overnight Fishing trip for his B-day. We had a blast, and Tanner managed to catch the biggest walleye he has ever caught, and I managed to catch something that landed me in bed for 4 days- leaving Lisa and Grama Judy to pick up the slack. Fortunately I decided to go to the Dr. yesterday and get some tests done. It turns out I have Pneumonia. After 36hrs of meds, I feel much better, but still couldn't spell that one to save my life if it wasn't for spell check! :) Well the boyz were having their weekend at fishing, Mom had some fun planned for Ava. The Ladies from the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique sent Ava a care package with all the essentials for a princess makeover, since she missed her appointment on the cruise ship. They went to Lisa's hair stylist and she took care of the makeover. They had a great time.

Chaser seems very content at home. His tracking and over all alertness are getting better. He really seems to like sitting on our lap, looking out the window at the birds on the feeder. We don't know if it just happens to be the position he's in, the temp by the window, the sounds of birds chirping - whatever it is....we will take it. He contiunes to do well holding his head up, rolling over, pushing buttons on command and riding the trike around the neighborhood. We are still hoping to break the communication barrier with Chase soon- whether it be a wink, blink, kick, tick- doesn't matter, you pick. We know its gonna happen, but again we are on the Big Guys clock, not ours so we wait.....

Today Chaser started Vital Stem back up in Speech Therapy. He was taken off of it for a couple weeks, because it was doing more harm than good. He responded very well, with numerous strong swallows. Along with swallows, his cough has really strengthened, and he is heading in the right direction. Unfortunately he is still throwing up randomly, often, and inconsistantly. We are still waiting to hear from Mayo staff to get in- hopefully soon.

Tonight was good night. We went across the street to visit with the neighbors for a little bit. Chase was smothered in hugs and kisses from the little ladies in the area. They were all slerping on icys. Knowing how much Chaser loves icy's, Amy took a little chunk and rubbed it slowly on Chases lips. After a couple of passes, Chase actually stuck his tonque out as if he was trying to lick the juice left on his lips! God is Good"
lastly, i wanted to share this article about pediatric melanoma. an important reminder. protect the skin your kids are in.
have a good thursday peeps, share some love and practice some kindness. xo
ps) stevie - it is 9:57pm so i made curfew;)

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