Monday, April 30, 2012

need energy please

i called today and got an appointment on friday for my doctor to do some bloodwork. i think that something might be up with my thyroid. awhile ago my mom had showed me an article about some research related to thyroid problems being caused by the contrast solution that patients have to drink before ct scans (remember the pictures of the awful liquid that i have to drink? yuck). i am wondering if it is my thyroid not because of that article, but i thought about the article again the other day as i was contemplating what might be up with how i am feeling. i have to say though that it really pisses me off to think about cancer patients having side effects created from scans. who knows if the contrast is related to my thyroid. maybe they are not related in any way. maybe my thyroid has nothing to do with this at all. but i said last week that if i wasn't feeling better i would make an appointment (mom will be happy). i am a girl of my word. i know that something isn't right. so i will start with bloodwork. if that doesn't indicate what the problem is, i will probably make an appointment with my oncologist.

need to figure out what is wrong.

the sooner the better. right? right.

+++ kelli and karla - super excited to have you ladies on the team - get ready to hit the pavement:)

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  1. Sending you lots and lots of good energy. I'm glad you are looking into this, and yes, sooner is always better. I hope it's a very small, easily identifiable problem that has a simple solution.