Thursday, April 12, 2012


pretty sure that with a fairy like this on my side only good things can come my way, right? right.

+++ chris, tnx again for the info on the fairy pics  - you rock;)
+++ moms will love reading this article (tnx for sharing em)
+++i picked out my mother's day present. kelly rae roberts put some of her original paintings up for sale today. i purchased this one. i am a happy girl. can't wait for it to show up. i could not pass up the opportunity to have one of her originals. so excited. happy mom's day to me a little early;)


  1. She is gorgeous! Only good things can happen with a fairy like that.

  2. LOVE that first photo of Malena and am SO JEALOUS of your mom's day gift...though I must say that Josh has been doing an awesome job of mother's day gifts the past few years :)