Monday, April 23, 2012

late weekender

had a great weekend, it went fast as they always do.

this weekend we had my neice taylor in town to celebrate her upcoming graduation from high school. her and i kicked it downtown seattle all day on saturday. eating. shopping. finding the perfect dress. spa time. a little more shopping. dinner and ice cream with malena and barrett. playing soccer. blowing bubbles. watching late night movie at the theater. awesome. we had a great time and i was thinking about how fun it will be to have those kind of girls days with malena (as long as she lets me tag along) when she is older.

we also got some park time in yesterday. we had fun playing on the playground and checking out the ducks. when we went out to the pier, there were teenage kids hanging out. i had one of those moments when i realized that in the blink of an eye, malena will want go the park, but she will want to go without us. she will want to be with her friends. i reminded myself to pay attention when she starts to show a lack of interest in going to the park. i want to remember the last time she goes down the slide. the last time she wants to be in the swings. the last time she makes sure that we are watching her every move.

oh, how they grow. and go.

+++ thank you steph, kristy, jen for your donations to the walk - you are awesome ladies;)
+++ liked this post on the other side of a weekend
+++ i got my kelly rae roberts original print - love, love it. makes me happy.
+++ i could totally relate to this post, i felt very much the same way last year when i did the shore run/walk for the first time. it was very overwhelming. it was very good. both at the same time.

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