Tuesday, May 1, 2012

i can do it myself mommy

+++ i wonder how many more times in my life i will hear those words. i am guessing a lot and i like that. malena tells me more and more that she can do things herself. it is so fun to watch her take her independence whenever she can. but sometimes i am just not ready for her to not need my help. i guess these are just the first years of many more when she won't need my help. holding on. letting go. a balancing act that i will hopefully get to do for a long time to come.
+++ after i dropped malena off at pre-school today, i read this article. i wonder when i will bring home a mango jamba juice and realize that malena isn't here to drink it.

wednesday, i am happy to see you.

+++ kerry - thank you for your donation to the walk, and you are so in next year when your knee is ready to rock. give brad a hug for me too!
+++ marcie-roo, so happy to have you on the team;)

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