Tuesday, April 17, 2012

oh july

my oncologist's office scheduled my scans yesterday. scans on july 10th, results on july 11th.

here we go again. you ready? me neither.

i knew the scans would be in july but was kind of dreading that because it is already a tough month.

july 16th will be the two year anniversary of my diagnosis. as you may remember from last year, july 16th carries a lot of weight for me. and not the good kind. in some ways i am glad that the scans are before the 16th - i kind of feel like they won't be tainted by bad mojo. in some ways i am already dreading how anxious i will be feeling that week with the combo of my scans and the 16th being back to back. but good scan results could make me feel better about the 16th. maybe. i hope. we'll see. i wouldn't put money on it.

now the waiting begins again. waiting is easier for me when i don't have a specific date looming. but i knew it was coming. i can almost taste my cinnamon bears now (and you know i am taking them with me this time, can't chance the gift shop emotional breakdown like i had last time).

on a good note, i get the stitches on my head out tomorrow so i will once again be stitchless. i am liking that.

small victories. you have to love them.

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  1. Ugh. Already dreading July. I wonder if my scans will happen then too. I think I had my first round in mid July or so (two weeks after babe was born on July 2). I hope the scans go perfectly and you get very good news and that this waiting period is as happy and dread-free as possible :-)