Friday, April 6, 2012

eggs...and some candy:)

"easter tells us that life is to be interpreted not simply in terms of things,
but in terms of ideals."
(charles m. crowe)

this quote was on an easter card i got in the email today (you rocked the card like always jill). how is it possible that it is easter time again? wasn't it just christmas? time is seriously flying by this year. it will be the fourth of july (and raining in seattle) before we know it.

+++malena and i baked our cadbury mini-egg cookies tonight. seriously, they are so good. as you can see, i did manage to not eat all of the mini-eggs before i made the cookies. but malena and i did have a few while we were baking just to make sure that they were edible;)
+++ our easter decorations have been crafted up - we had a blast making these bunnies, it was a good team effort
+++ i am ready for my mom's homemade eggs benedict. yum. might have to take down a mimosa (or three) while i eat. yum.
+++ egg dyeing
+++ egg finding
+++baskets full of fun and candy (malena loves her m&ms)
+++tea party for the little ladies
+++laughter, laughter, laughter

happy easter peeps, i hope that you get to eat one too:)

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