Tuesday, April 3, 2012


today was my dermatologist appointment to have him look at the mole that i was concerned about on my head.

he biopsied it. i figured that was likely since the color had changed over the last couple of weeks. better safe than sorry.

as always, it shook me up. the bright lights in my eyes when he brought them close to my face to help him see. feeling him cut a little patch of my hair so that he could do the biopsy. the sting of the needle going in so that he could numb my skin. the pressure of the biopsy. the pull when he put the stitches in. the wipe of the alcohol to clear the blood. the feel of the bandage on my skin.

so i wait on results again. i really hate waiting on results. but it is what it is. i take comfort that i am paying close enough attention to get in as soon as i see changes.

i wonder if my head will be bruised in the morning like my arms are when i have stitches. i am hoping that i might just be so tired tonight that i can get some sleep. i barely got any last night tossing and turning about the appointment today.

results won't likely be back until next week.

i will keep you posted. send good vibes to my head...and my heart. xo.


  1. Good vibes headed your way.

  2. Good luck. I hope it's absolutely nothing and you hear very quickly.