Sunday, April 15, 2012


it is that time of year again. bubbles. bubbles. bubbles. when the weather is nice, there is nothing that malena loves more than being outside and blowing bubbles. we had a great time today playing out on the deck. blowing bubbles. laughing. blowng bubbles. laughing. you get the picture. the sunshine (even if only showing up for a day or two at a time) is helping my mood to pick up a little bit (you were right wallace). bring on summer. i am ready.

this weekend i learned that kristian anderson passed away from cancer. so very sad. i have posted about kristian before. i first heard of him when i saw the video that he made for his wife. although i have posted it before, i am posting it again for obvious reasons. i hope that you will take a couple of minutes to watch it as a way to honor him. i am sending good thoughts out to his wife and children in australia.

+++ if you need a unique, handmade baby gift, you should order one of these blocks. i first received one when malena was born, and have given many more since then as gifts.
+++ if you like banana muffins, this recipe might be for you
+++ i am totally inspired by the homespun hostess - saw her ideas in "mingle" and she definitely knows how to throw a cool party
+++ had fun looking at all of the fun party ideas on this site

hello monday, i think that i am ready for you.

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