Sunday, April 29, 2012

mazama, i miss you already

awesome weekend with the ladies, here are some highlights:

+++ the view from our cabin

+++ what i would see when i would open my eyes in the morning
+++ the sun going down on the valley

+++ spectacular dinner with homemade (cabinmade) lasagna and salad. yum.
+++ cinnamon chip french toast with fruit and mimosas
+++ hike with a little bit (up to knees in a few spots) of snow remaining on the trail

+++ wildlife soaring
+++ total quiet...the only sound you hear is the wind moving the trees
+++ laughter, and plenty of it
+++ post-hike beers on a sunshiny deck with a name that could signal you might be there for a while

+++ shopping...and purchasing in downtown winthrop

+++ great views everywhere you looked

+++ a little bit of wine

+++ great friends. fresh air. blue sky. yellow sun. loud laugher. quiet stillness. white snow. green fields. needed rest.

perfect weekend.

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