Thursday, October 17, 2013

friday, you rock + a card giveaway

i got out for a walk and run tonight and it was great.
amazing how much better i feel after getting fresh air.
love, love, love it.

 a couple of things that i have seen recently that i love:
+++ awesome fun fall crafts for kids
+++ hello caramel apples
+++ i loved this post and the words "I love that our family gets to write our own book"
+++ today i will make magic happen
+++ liz's pocket talismans, i now have some that i will hold in my hands while i get my scan results
+++ this print and this print are going to be part of the bookshelf reorg i am working on
+++ this overcomer bracelet, you know that i ordered myself one of these;)

i got some time to craft it out tonight. while doing that, i decided that it was time for a little card giveaway.

if you would like a shot to win five of my cards using this stamp, all you need to do is leave a comment on the blog by midnight on friday. if you are reading this via email, go to the blog and go to the end of this post. click on the pencil icon and type in your comment, and click on "comment as" and leave a comment anonymously (if you don't recognize any of the other options) but leave me your name in the comment so that i know who the comment is from;) the winner will get five of my homemade cards, along with stamped envelopes. good luck peeps.

i hope that you all have a great weekend. ours is going to include: a baby shower to celebrate my dear friend kerry's baby boy, swim lessons, campouts, popcorn, movie date (hello tom hanks, i am looking forward to seeing you, not the pirates so much), family dinner, decorating for fall, addressing malena's birthday party invitations (fun!), and sleep and fun and relaxation.

make the most of it, i hope that the pieces stay together. xoxo


  1. Hey Alli. Your weekend sounds full and fun. Love and mojo. Hannah xo

  2. Hi there, you know I'm always in for an Alli card giveaway. We will be enjoying the fall colors in northern Wisconsin this weekend. I am bringing my camera with its awesome strap and will think of you every time I bring it out. Hope your weekend ROCKS. oxoxoxo.

  3. I love Alli cards and if I can share my love with others, even better! Happy weekend lady!

  4. Loving your spirit! And it would be an honour to spread some Alli love around using your cards. Pick me! Pick me! Jo-Anne xox

  5. Alli Cards -- I'm in. Fav Cuz (yes the one in Tillamook) would be quite happy to give five Alli cards to family members! Luv Ya.

  6. Ohhh, Alli cards and a fabulous Friday here in the Great Northwest -- heaven for sure!

  7. I want those cards!!! Looking forward to seeing you soon. Xoxo Beth

  8. Luck be the lady this friday night! I need those cards :) always love your links out- wanted to tell you I read both Gone Girl and Bernadet in the last 2 weeks! Have a great weekend- I'm inspired now to start decorating for Fall too. xo Em

  9. you always have the best links! and cards :-)

  10. I'm personally looking forward to the pirates. :)

  11. I would like to throw in for the card give-away, but didn't deliver comment by deadline, but I AM within budget! Thanks VERY much for my own special b-day card. It came at a very good time to cheer me. My cup was not filled w/ good juju that day, but it's coming back up. Always thinking of you as another friend working every day to hold the line on however cancer is messing with your life, and keeping your finger in the dike. Sending good juju mojo to you and yours, and thanks for sending good thoughts out. With hugs from Rossi