Thursday, October 10, 2013

pumpkins + mary

yesterday was such a beautiful day. we decided to take advantage of it and hit the pumpkin patch. it was definitely the right move because the rains and dark clouds came rolling in today in full force. hello pacific northwest chaotic weather. gorgeous one day, dark and gloomy the next. yep, fall is officially here.

she was the leader through the corn maze. as it has been the last couple of years, this annual event is a significant one for me. i will never get tired of looking for the perfect pumpkins, of doing the rubber ducky races, of walking aimlessly through the corn maze. one of my favorite things to do is follow her on paths and watch her decide which way she is going to go. i hope beyond hope that i have endless years to watch her decide which way she is going to go on the various paths she will walk down. through all of her twists and turns, i will always support and cheer her on, always close enough to help when she asks which way i think she should go or to hear her say "momma, momma, this way! this way! follow me!". i will always happily do so, there is no one else i would rather follow.

our trip marks another fall. one more fall. mine to have. mine to keep. mine to remember. mine to be so very thankful for.

i am also thankful for my friend mary, a fellow melanoma warrior in wisconsin. mary has a chest x-ray on friday for her check-up appointment and so we are keeping our fingers and toes crossed that the x-ray comes back clean and the black beast is nowhere to be seen. so please send your prayers, mojo, and good vibes to mary for clean results with nothing to worry about. thank you.

i hope that you all have a great weekend. ours is going to include: breakie with one of my favorite high school friends at my favorite breakfast place (double win for me) + not going into the office (if i could say that i wouldn't be working at all that would be even better right? right. i so wish that i could say that.) + two campout nights with popcorn and a project runway catch up session + getting treats ready for malena's classmates for her first halloween party at a friend's house (she is super excited, she has been counting the days all week) + girls time with our besties on saturday afternoon + swim lessons + a visit from mema joann and papa james + sleep + sleep + more sleep + football + putting out our fall decorations + more sleep.

take good care of yourselves peeps, make the most of it. xo
ps) kerry -- i cut the list down for you;) xo

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