Sunday, October 20, 2013


"There’s always something a bit sweeter about yesterday
and a little more hopeful about tomorrow.
It’s the sitting in today and liking it just as it is that is the hardest.
Not wishing for yesterday or next week but hanging out right here, in the middle of now, letting your eyes focus until they blur and the day is crystal clear."
this weekend was a great one. my eyes were focused and the days were clear.
especially on how much i love these two and the adventures we create together.

i hope that your weekend was good too.
another week begins.
deep, deep breaths on my end.
the countdown is getting so close.
9 days until scans.
tick tock. tick tock.
 i will make the most of every minute.
you should too. we always should.
ps) emily was the winner of the card giveaway --
em, those cards will be making their way to you soon my dear;) xo

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