Tuesday, October 29, 2013

from blue skies to contrast

this morning i was dragging a bit as i was recovering from last night, always takes me a while to shake off a bad run in with gluten. so i was a little slow on the go for the first couple hours of the day. but i was finally able to shake it off and get outside for a run.

damn, it was a great day for a run. blue sky. sunshine. leaves everywhere. could not have been a better day for a run. i decided getting a good run in right before i headed to my scans would be a last little f*&% you to cancer. let's hope it worked. (as a sidenote: after getting out for the run and seeing the blue sky and breathing in the fresh air, i could not have hated those stupid fake ceiling tiles in the scan room more that i did today. if i had a brick with me, i just might have tried to shatter them. i think that all  of the patients would have thanked me.)

on the way to the scans (and at the scans) i hung out on to my friend mojo and my talismens to remind me to be brave and that everything will be okay.

scans were the usual routine.

filled out my paperwork as i always do, i told ellie that atleast on these forms they don't ask you to check a box to let them know whether or not you have cancer. so that makes it easier than most spas that i go to;)

my veins were playing hide and seek with the nurse today so bloodwork and getting the iv in my arm took longer than usual. ugh. so i got to taste saline more than one time, a little extra scan bonus for me. not. but we finally got the iv in and i got to go back to the lobby to hang out with barrett and ellie and drink the contrast (which sucked as much as usual by the way).

as usual, the f*ck cancer shirt was a big hit with patients, nurses, and techs. thinking that i might need to buy one for everyone who works or is a patient there -- i for one would love it to see everyone wearing one as i walked around there.

as always, ellie rocked it out on the snacks. since i can't eat for hours before the scan, i go into the scans on an empty stomach and then have to drink the contrast which makes for an unfortunate combination. we had awesome gluten free goodies. if you ever need someone to hook you up with amazing snacks, ellie is your girl. hands down.

after scans, per usual, i crashed hard. that contrast messed with me today like it always does. i was down for the count for a couple of hours. but then i kicked my own you-know-what and rallied. we had halloween cookies to make and "the voice" to watch. so, it was go time, no more time to be in bed feeling like hell. so we made our annual ghost cookies, thank you nutter butters-mini chocolate chips-white frosting, you come through for us every year. if you want to see what a cookie with harry style's face from one direction looks like check out the bottom right cookie (malena's request for her dad and he totally pulled through -- don't you think that it looks just like harry? malena thinks so too;))

as i write this it is 10:31pm  and i am wondering what i will do for the next twelve hours until we get results. pretty sure that it won't include a lot of sleep.

ok peeps, here we go -- scan results day, whether we like it or not.

hopefully we like it.

anywhere i go, you go. xoxo

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  1. Major positive mojo coming your way for your amazing results today!! HUGS up your way!!