Tuesday, October 15, 2013

oh fall, i am falling for you

i decided to get some more fresh air today. i put on my running shoes, i have missed them. i am pretty sure that they have missed me as well. so we did some bonding and tore it up around the neighborhood for a while. in between the running, i took some time to just walk and breath and take in the colors. i think that i am in love with fall. yep, pretty sure it is official.

our neighbors dressed up a hydrant like a minion from despicable me.
that means they rock in my book.
i think i might hug them next time i see them.
this little guy makes me smile every day.

ps) if you have sent me an email and not heard from me, that is because our email has a bug so i can see the emails but i can rarely respond -- hopefully the bug leaves soon so i can regain my sanity.
pss) to my brother - yes, it is past 10pm but i have two good reasons. 1) your niece picked me to lay next to her while she feel asleep so my blog time got pushed way out, and 2) i don't like going to bed anymore. i am sure you understand. xo

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