Wednesday, October 2, 2013

updates + books

peeps -- good news today (we love good news days). patty's scans showed that the tumor has not increased since her last appointment - yes!!! she will have her next scans in two months, and no more chemo between now and then - yes!!! love outweighing the bad with the good, let's keep it up.

i also want to ask for good recovery vibes for my dear friend sasha who took a bad fall last week on her bike and broke some pieces of her back. yes, her back. pieces broken. but luckily she is going to be ok and is the most active person i know. i have no doubt that she will be up and at it in no time and ditching that home depot brace she is wearing (tho she owns it like she was is on a runway;)). she has an appointment with a back specialist tomorrow (thursday for those of you reading this wednesday night) and we are hoping for a clear plan on recovery. good vibes, good vibes, good vibes.

chase has surgery tomorrow so send tons of prayers and mojo to the mayo clinic tomorrow.
here is the update on him tonight:
"We are anxious to get through surgery tomorrow. Chaser had a great day in therapy. Both of his therapists commented on how much he is progressing. We will keep you up dated on the surgery and his recovery. We are both confident Chaser has the best surgeon and team for the job- i know it will go Great! We have to call in tonight to find out what time it is at, but he is the third procedure, so it should be around lunch time. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers." 

for those of you on facebook, if you follow chase's page, there was an awesome video yesterday of him rolling over - go chase go!

one of the projects that i am working on at our house is doing a refresh of this bookshelf.

i am going to put up some new prints (some of which i have linked to on the blog recently), and some of my favorite pictures from this year. i want this bookshelf to capture our recent moments, the ones that have made this year great. currently on the bookshelf i have some of my favorite books. but the thing about books is that they are meant to be read, not looked at. i know that i will never read them again, so they should go to someone that will open them up and turn their pages. so, if you are interested in any of the following books, let me know and i will send it your way (first come, first serve - one only per person please. marcie-roo, one means only one, not two;) xo).
have a good thursday peeps. xo

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