Thursday, October 3, 2013

keeping up the good

your mojo is working its magic! you are on a roll...

sasha's appointment went well and she has no major long term damage to her back!! woohoo!! let the healing over the next six to nine months begin. she will be climbing mountains and riding her bike at the same time (you think i am kidding, but i am not - she is just that good) in no time.

chase's surgery also went great today, here is the update and a picture of our little warrior:
"Both Chaser and the MN Wild started a new season tonight. Chasers new season started at noon when he was put under anesthesia. He was in the OR until 6:10pm- Surprisingly Lisa and I remained relaxed the entire time. I'll be honest, around 5 O'clock we started wondering why it was taking so long- but we got our answer at 6:28 when Dr. Zarroug walked into the waiting room wearing a big smile. Instantly we know everything went well! He performed 3 procedures while Chase was under- moved his G-Tube, repaired his herniated belly button, and the Nissen procedure. The surgical team ran into a few challenges with Chasers operation. Apparently the robot they normally use was not functioning properly- so they decided not to use it- and Chaser has an artery that was in an abnormal position, making another obstacle for the surgical team to overcome- but they came through in nothing short of Chaser style and all went well. We are now in our own room and watching the MN Wild plug through their first game and hope to come away with an OT win. We wanted to put Chases jersey on him, but with all of cables hooked up to him, we settled for using it to keep him warm. Chase is wide awake, and letting us know how uncomfortable he is. Although he is struggling a little right now with the pain -the poor little dude hasn't had anything in his stomach or had any of his normal meds since early this morning- and not to mention he has little cuts all over the inside and outside of his stomach from the surgery.
I am sure after Chase gets a good nights rest in, tomorrow will bring
good day of healing, hopefully a more comfortable one for him. We were told we should be home Sat, but possibly tomorrow evening. Man, I forgot how much I disliked those bells and chimes they put on the O2 and heart monitor machines! :)

God is Good!"

since we are on a roll with the good vibes, i also want to ask for prayers for my friend mike. he was recently (september 10th) diagnosed with non-hodgkin's type b large cell  lymphoma and has started chemotherapy. his caringbridge site is called "mike's journey with god (with cancer, 'the devil', hitching a ride)". thinking cancer is the devil. i couldn't agree more. mike and i have that in common, i wish that we didn't have cancer in common. mike is asking for everyone he knows to send prayers to him and his and family, and we all know that you are good at sending prayers out into the world. i know mike and his family appreciate it, and so do i. mike and his wife jeanne have been kind to me, and they deserve all of the kindness we can give them.

i for one am ready for the weekend, as has been the latest trend, it has been a really long week.

but the weekend is looking good with a girls trip to the east side of the mountains for some much needed r&r. bring it on. it will also include some much needed r&r at home with my two favorite peeps. i am also hoping it brings me some much needed sleep.

i hope your weekend is good as well - you deserve it, enjoy it. xo

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