Sunday, June 3, 2012


sunday night. really? how did that happen.

friday highlights:
+++ lots of friends qt. love that.
+++ gluten free swedish pancakes at portage bay cafe. with lingonberries. sooooo good.
+++ massage. heavenly.
+++ shopping in ballard, finding new bracelet and ring that i could not live without. perfect. rekindled my love for ballard. big time.
+++ gf chocolate cupcakes. yummy.

+++ drinks and laughs, laughs and drinks. spending time in bars that i haven't ever been in before, really great places to hang out and catch up. a new little adventure. good way to end the work week.

saturday highlights:
+++ dentist appointment for malena where she actually let the dentist see her teeth and clean 5 of them. we will take it. major accomplishment;)
+++ jamba juice (reward...or, perhaps you would call it a bribe, for the above success)
+++ booked tickets for our minnesota/wisconsin trip (shout out to all of the sheehans and the pattersons - we are excited to see you!)
+++ graduation party for my neice taylor - could not be more proud of her, can't wait to see her graduate on friday.

+++ kim's world famous taco tip.
+++ my mom's world famous potato salad.
+++ hanging out with my family, never can have enough of that.

sunday highlights:
+++ sleeping in.
+++ great breakfast with gluten free scones homemade by mom (thanks mom - you rock)
+++ swimming with malena, tons of fun and laughs
+++ jamba juice and tacos for lunch. they hit the spot.
+++ frozen yogurt with strawberries and blackberries. so good.
+++ perfect cherries.
+++ time in my craft room. making cards. wish i could do that more.
+++ sunday night pizza, our end of the weekend routine.

i am looking forward to a lot of good things to come our way this summer.

the shore walk is next weekend, our team is 24 strong at this point and over $1000 raised so far for the team. awesome. i am looking forward to hitting the pavement with some of my favorite peeps as our team "alli's peeps" walks the 5k.

in addition, the rest of this year holds a lot of fun occassions for our family - family reunion, time with friends in wisconsin, a joint 50th birthday party, a baby shower, a 21 run, a 70th birthday party and other birthdays sprinkled here and there. many good times to come. there are so many good things to focus on that i am not spending as much time thinking about my scans coming up in july. at least for the moment. that may change as july looms closer, but for now, i am happy to not have those scans be my primary focus of what is to come.

a little relief for the weary. i will take it whenever i can get it.

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