Friday, June 1, 2012


pretty happy that friday is here. it's about time.

i am actually not going into work tomorrow. woohoo!! it is actually my day off, but as most of you know, i am usually in the office on my days off (i know, i know, i know). tomorrow that will not be the case. looking forward to some fun times in seattle all day long. can't wait. bring. it. on.

i am also looking forward to a graduation party for my niece on saturday. i am pretty sure that she was just a baby yesterday, so i haven't totally wrapped my mind around how it is possible that she is graduating next week. so proud of her, can't wait to celebrate.

the blog has been a bit quiet lately as you can tell. work/life has not allowed typical routines to occur, but i should be back on more often. malena has decided to have unhappy moments (hours) everyday now it seems. not sure if they are more exhausting for her or us. it might be a tie. we didn't really have terribles twos, wondering if we are now experiencing the traumatic threes. please bring on the fabulous fours;) i reminded myself today as she was wailing and unhappy that even those rough moments are the ones that i fought to be around for. so deep breaths. the grumpy will end, it always does. somedays it just seems to take a bit (lot) longer than others.

i hope that you all have a great weekend - first one of june, how is that possible? i don't know either. enjoy it. xo.

+++ betsy/mindy/kim/taylor/ann/sean/dominic/natalie/mom/dad - super happy to have you all on the team for the walk. let's hope the weather is a little less soggy next sunday than it was today. summer? hello? go away rain. please.
+++i know that some of you have seen this, but if anyone is looking for a great way to propose, you need to check this out. i would have said yes too.
+++i think he rocks
+++love the idea of a mini-bucket list
+++am also totally digging the concept of a summer manifesto - i think that mine might include frozen yogurt every wednesday night. please and thank you.
+++totally relating to this post as i write this blog post at 12:12am.
+++identified with the words "knowing that even on her worst of days,
she is worthy.she is enough." in this post

+++i remember many "little big things" from my childhood, and i do my best to give malena the same
+++pretty sure that asking ""you know what's great about that" could make my mood better at work and at home....maybe like today when we were in meltdown mode and i could have said "it's great this is happening at 6:30pm instead of 10pm";)
+++jon, are you flying to seattle yet? waiting. waiting. waiting. hurry it up my friend.
+++greta - one more month. one more month. so excited for you. the shot final countdown is on!

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