Thursday, June 7, 2012


here we go. big weekend.

tomorrow is graduation - woohoo!!! so happy for my niece, i can't believe her big day is here. my whole family together. so excited. so happy. so proud. so proud. so proud.

saturday will be a busy day. we will be picking up the shirts for our team (go alli's peeps!!!) for the shore walk on sunday. then we have a bunch of family crashing at our house for the early morning wake up call for the walk on sunday. good times. i know there will be a lot of laughter within our house on saturday night. love that.

sunday is the walk. the walk brings mixed emotions for me. so thankful to have so many friends and family members walking with me. so thankful that we have raised donations for a cause close to my heart. so thankful that i am here to walk again. wishing that there was no need to raise donations for cancer survivors because cancer did not exist anymore. wishing that i didn't have to share my life with cancer. wishing that no one else had to either. wishing that i could walk in support of jim this year instead of walking in memory of him. i will walk in support of greta and shannon. walk i will. because i can.

keep your fingers and toes crossed for us that the weather is not a monsoon for us like it has been the last couple of days around here. pouring rain in seattle in june? seriously? you bet. grrrrrrr.

have a great weekend peeps.


  1. The Pullman contingent is hitting the road within the hour. Jess, Ty and myself are so excited to come visit and walk with you on Sunday. GO TEAM!!!

  2. Good luck on the walk and have fun.