Sunday, June 24, 2012

down time

it has been a quiet week on the blog because it has been a busy week in general. i was up against a major deadline at work, while simultaneously getting things lined up to be out of the office next week. whenever i take vacation i work twice as many hours before i leave, and twice as many hours when i get back. but the time off is so worth it. i need a break. i don't remember the last day that i have had off (including weekend days) that i haven't had to do some work, and the last two weeks have been exceptionally brutal. i had to put in about 7 hours of work today (my first day of vacation), so it will really feel like vacation has started tomorrow. the blackberry has been turned off. that felt good.

i got to meet up with an old friend (kris, it was our drummer!) this week and it was so great to see him. it is a surreal experience to see someone again that you spent so much time with during a certain period of your life. love it when life grants those rare opportunities to reconnect. 

this next week will hold a lot of time with family and friends. it also looks like the week will hold some sunshine which will be nice since it was a torrential downpour here today, and yesterday, and....yep, classic seattle weather. this week will also include a massage (can't happen soon enough), shopping, reading (finally finishing this one and starting this one), sleeping (i am hoping for some good sleep with no nightmares or weird dreams, maybe i can trick the nightmares and dreams and leave them behind if i sneak out quietly), playing on the beach with our feet in the sand, swimming, flip flops, laughter, a lot of all new memories.

the end of june, gets a little tough for me around this time. july brings scans. july brings results. july brings the 16th which makes me really anxious. one good thing about being so busy with work is that it has kept my mind off of july most of the time. for that i am thankful. but july will come, and so will whatever it will bring. let's hope it only shows up with good things.

on the other side of these results, big decisions are ahead about our future. will we have a second child. that pending decision is so, so hard for me. part of me wants to make the decision so that i can start to move forward in whatever direction we decide. the other part of me wants to keep putting the decision off because i don't know how to make it - and i guess more importantly, i don't know how to deal with the results of either choice. tough decisions. they aren't easy for a reason.

i will be back on in about a week or so, i hope that you all have a great week in the meantime.

take good care peeps.

+++ aaron - tomorrow i will, like i do every single time i fly, wish that you were on my plane (best would be you going with me to where i am going, second best would be hearing your voice over the pa system). love and miss you. xo.
+++ greta - i will be sending you so many good thoughts on the 29th, so happy for you on your last day. i so remember that feeling of the last shot. you did it!!!!!
+++ powerful blog on being enough
+++ for all of you painters (jill - i am talking to you), i have heard good things about this new book that is out
+++ for all of you peeps that make homemade jam, here are some pretty cute label kits

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