Wednesday, June 13, 2012


i should be working right now on a major deadline i am up against. but i am going to take a little break to write this blog post. after being up until 11 last night working, leaving at 6am to head back to the office, then working every second of the day in crisis mode until i walked out the door at 5 to get malena - i need a little mid-week break. don't tell on me. it can be our little secret, ok?

i promised malena that i would take her to jamba juice today (thanks ann!). when we got there, malena ordered her favorite - mango. then she picked out a clif fruit bar. i paid. then she decided she really, really wanted pop chips instead. so i paid again. then she decided that she wanted to carry her jamba juice herself. she is a big girl after all you know. so she did. as she was getting into the car, she dropped it. inside the car. the lid came off. mango all over.  she immediately started bawling. i immediately took a deep breath. accidents happen. so back into jamba juice we went. the nice boys working there made us another one for free. apparently they too know that accidents happen. random kindness. awesome. they made my day.

tonight i was catching up on some blogs (also when i should have been working, secret #2 that i am sharing with you) and read this. though about boots and the man who wears them, it made me think about the mango spill in my car. the random accidents. the uh-oh mommies. the tears over jamba juice. though it wasn't a quick and easy trip to jamba juice like i had planned on, it was real life.

real life. sometimes it is messy. sometimes the cleanup can be frustrating. but in the end, most of the time, as was the case today, it is worth it in the end.

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