Sunday, June 17, 2012


dads. they rock. i got to be around some of my most favorites this weekend. barrett. my dad. my brother. my dad-in-law. felt lucky to get time with all of them over the weekend. it was good to celebrate with them, they definitely deserve it. took flowers to the cemetary to let my grandpa reinhold know that i was thinking of him too on this day. oh, how i miss him. i think of him everyday. i have the cane that he used right by our front door so i can see it every morning when i come downstairs, i like having that connection with him each day.  i also thought about grandpa sheehan, and how i will miss hearing his voice as we get together with our family later this week.

five more work days and then a week off from work to hang out with family and friends. can't wait. literally can't wait. worked about 15 hours over the weekend, in addition to the 50+ already put in monday - friday, to meet a work deadline. time off can't get here soon enough. tick tock. hurry up already.

happy (as happy as it can get) monday, we begin again.

+++ ladies - i downloaded the "i am brave" free desktop image that i love, you can too if you click here
+++ i am so going to order these
+++ pretty sure that i need to go on this trip, ireland anyone?;)
+++ inspiring baby shower ideas on marta writes
+++ cookie party? yes, please. yum.

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