Wednesday, June 6, 2012

it all works out

i got this book on monday and i can't wait to read it. i just know that i am going to love it.

today the stars aligned when i saw on kelly rae robert's blog that susannah was going to be coming to her studio in portland for a book signing. seriously, two of my favorite women in the same room? i am so there. i went to immediately rsvp and it was already full. sometimes i wish that really cool things that get announced when i am at work could happen when i can see them and respond instantly. super, super, super bummed. i (after a few moments of sulking in my bummedness) decided that it all works out like it should. i just wasn't meant to go.

right after that, i had to start packing up my office at work because we are moving to a new floor. during that process (i haaaaate packing by the way), i found some of the memories from work through the years that i have held on to. project awards. notes from friends. i took a little trip down memory lane in a crazy two hour packing frenzy. it was the perfect opportunity, everyone had already been long gone for the day, and i had quiet time to just focus on loading up my boxes.

when i first started out in my career, i took a three month internship in an area that i had no interest in. but at that time, it was better than the alternative which was doing something that i already knew i really didn't like. the internship was the lesser of two evils. i could not have imagined where that one decision would lead me. fifteen years later i have a job that i love, even on the days (which is really pretty much everyday) when i am so crazy busy i don't have one open minute between 7am and 5pm.

in these fifteen years, because i have got to work with them, i have met some of the people that i love the most in this world. had i not taken that internship, my life would have turned out so differently. a life without all of them. i can't imagine. so thankful that i don't have to.

so as i loaded the last box, and turned out the light, i reminded myself that not going to the book signing is going to be ok. 

it all works out like it should.

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