Sunday, September 28, 2014

yes, please.

this was a good one, but it flew by like they always do.

getting 6 miles of exercise in with my sister. yes, please.

down time shopping, talking, and eating on a friday afternoon with my sister. yes, please.
two new pairs of shoes that are awesome. yes, please.

reading about joan lunden's fight with cancer and liking her "i will beat this" attitude. yes, please. i would normally never pick up a magazine that had a cancer focus on it. i pretty much hate looking at the magazine covers when i am in line at the grocery store because it seems like 9 times out of 10 the word "cancer" is somewhere on one those covers. just one of the constant daily reminders that occur when you go about your normal routine. but this time, and maybe because scan time is creeping up, i picked it up. i thought that she looked so brave on that cover, and i guess that i needed a little more brave today.

celebrating my niece taylor's 21st birthday party. yes, please. a little hard cider on tap to celebrate. yes, please. constant laughter with my family. yes, please.

some green tea and fruit to welcome in sunday morning. yes, please.
reading a great post about what it means to be brave and thinking that i will remind myself of this as much as i remind malena. yes, please.

an extension on this weekend so that it never ends. yes, please.

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