Tuesday, September 23, 2014


oh tuesday, the first part of you was a tough super rough one.

hard morning getting her to school. lots of tears.


being late.

computer taking 5 minutes to open one email. all day long.

problem after problem.

more traffic.

slowest checkout line i could have possibly picked. i think that i aged 5 years while i was waiting. seriously.

but then one of my favorite people in the world who is in town from wisconsin comes over for dinner.

laughter. finally.

memories from when we were 14, from when we lived in the same town after college, and all of the memories that make up 25 years of friendship. he has been a constant in my life since the day that i met him.

so thankful and so lucky.

at the close of it, the rest of the day fades away.

he was in town, so it was one of the best days.

+++ please send your thoughts, prayers, and mojo to sharon as she goes in for her appointment to show that cancer tumor who is boss (hint -- the answer is sharon). you've got this sharon - we are with you all the way! xo

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