Monday, September 29, 2014


"i never dreamed about success. i worked for it."
(estee lauder)

i had heard really good things about #girlboss on some blogs that i followed.

once i started it, i did not want to put it down. i read through most of it on the plane ride back from our disneyland trip. my favorite part of flying is knowing that for a solid chunk of time i get to read. no emails. no texts. no phone ringing. just reading. love that.

i liked a lot of things about this book -- her good career/life advice, the way she writes, the way the she encourages women to go for it and take charge of their dreams. but probably the part i liked the most was...wait for it, wait for it...the details of her story. she shared her story, including the rough parts, as all of them combined got her to where she is today (hello CEO of a $100 million plus online fashion retailer). it was great to follow along as she moved through the different stages of her life.

since i am finished with this one, and on to my next, i am ready to pass this book on to the next person who would like read her words. if you are that girl, let me know - first dibs gets it and i will send it your way.

happy tuesday peeps, make it a good one.

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