Tuesday, September 2, 2014


so this happened today.

how crazy is that?

i know, totally crazy.

i seriously think that it was just yesterday that she was born, and now she is in kindergarten. one blink of the eye and here we are. 

i felt a varied mix of emotions all at the same time.

excited for her.

hopeful for a good year.

anxious to see how it will go.

sentimental over how fast she has grown.

worried whether or not she would like it.

grateful to be here for this moment. another milestone. a big one. so thankful.

i have a feeling that in another blink of an eye i will be taking a picture with that board saying "last day of kindergarten".

another adventure begins, bring it on.

funny sidenote:
+++ this post totally cracked me up when i saw it on the first day of school last year, so i am bringing it back for an encore;)

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