Monday, September 15, 2014

the music

a week ago we had to put 5 things in a bag to take to kindergarten that would give clues for a activities that malena likes to do. she picked a paint brush, a marker, a pad of paper, a rubber stamp, and stickers. can you tell that she is my kid? i am pretty sure that if she could have also figured out a way to get the 5 boys from "one direction" into the bag she would have done it.

our girl loves her music.

she loves to sing along, she loves to dance -- you should see the moves she busts out when beyonce's "single ladies" comes on. not sure who she got her dance skills from, but we know that it wasn't from her dad (ok, ok, and maybe her mom).

the boys from "one direction" have been her favorite for over a year or so.

we had thought about taking her to a concert at some point, but the only west coast location on the tour for the band this year was in california.

so it wasn't going to be in the game plan. but then an opportunity came up to go with my niece (who is their #1 fan) when "one direction" opened up another show in cali and we decided to go for it.

taking a 5 year old to a concert isn't the norm. flying a 5 year old to cali for a concert is even less of the norm.

but i feel like life isn't about doing the norm, it is about living it up and making great memories every chance you get. if you get the chances, take them. i don't think that you will ever regret it.

we woke her up at 5am on thursday and surprised her that she needed to get dressed because we were headed to the airport. the surprise was awesome, and seeing her joy and excitement was so fun (do you guys think that we will meet them? how close are our seats?).

i am not sure that there is anything better than seeing pure joy on your child's face.

fast forward to the concert at the rose bowl...and she was in her element. standing pretty much the whole time. hands in the air. using our phone with the flashlight during the slow songs just like the rest of the stadium. dancing. singing. cheering. watching the fireworks go off.

the picture above pretty much sums it up.

no matter what comes her way, i hope that she always hears the music.

and when she does, i hope that she always dances.

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