Friday, September 26, 2014


hello weekend, really good to see you.

i am looking forward to you for a lot of reasons.

not being in the office.

time with my sister.

catching up on life.


celebrating my niece's 21st birthday.

fun with my family, which will include some gambling, and hopefully me winning enough that i never have to return to work. big money, no whammies!

reading more of wonder (chris -- you were right, really don't want to put it down, must keep turning the pages).


more sleep.

catching my breath.

i hope that you all have a good weekend too, talk to you on the flip side. xo

+++ sidenote: mary got notice that her scans have officially been denied even after her oncologist stepped in, so please keep sending her tons of good vibes that she is successful in her appeal. go mary go!

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