Monday, September 8, 2014


the 10k was this weekend. yep, i did it peeps -- 6.2 miles, all on my two little feet.
all of the training miles (over 100+) and the actual 6.2 on sunday were all for rabi. i also appreciated him ordering up a gorgeous blue sky day for the run, likely one of the best ones that we are going to have to close out summer. and it was hot. he was probably drinking a cold one while i was sweating it out on the course;)
i got to run with some amazing ladies - and since it was the "wonder woman" race we of course had to dress up a bit. my super power was "cancer fighter" (as if you couldn't see that one coming) and the green was a nod to john deere green for rabi (yes, i know that john deere green is a little greener but you get the point).

when we aren't going down splash mountain 90 times with our kids, michelle and i also run. 

of course, we had an excellent cheerleading crew. malena made her own signs for us, and cheered each of us on as we passed her twice on the route and as we closed in on the finish line. i got this final high five right before i crossed the finish line, loved that.
it was a great morning, followed by a great post-run brunch, and yes - i drank a big mimosa, i earned it, right? right!

so another major goal met. but, i will definitely keep running - i actually really like it and love getting out into the fresh air a couple of times a week. i already have my sights on a 5k later this year.

it felt good to make the 6.2 miles happen. it felt good to honor rabi through the training and the actual run. it felt good to meet the goal. it felt good to show malena that you can do anything you set your mind to. it felt good to show her that all you really need to do is just start. it felt good to know that she saw me cross that finish line.

yep, it felt good.

every single step of it.

and although i need some new running shoes, every step to come will be with rabi. i can't imagine running without looking down and seeing his name.

i couldn't run any other way.

i think that he likes that.

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  1. There are no words.since you know how hard it is to keep a Sheehan speechless, I will at least say Thank You!