Thursday, June 23, 2016

the lone star state

our trip to texas was so, so good.

we got to check out the magnolia silos and that place was as awesome as we expected.

the market was ah-maz-ing and i am personally proud of myself for only shipping one item home that i couldn't fit in my luggage even if i tried;) a wall in our new house will thank me when the piece is hung up above the fireplace. i could have wandered around through the shop all day, it was like continuous eye candy with the displays, the products, just all of it.

i was kind of in creative love there. so fun.

oh, and as you can see below, i found an "a" for my craft room in the pile of old letters they had on sale that day. major score for this kid. as you can see from the pic, i was just a little bit excited.

in addition to drooling over the silo grounds (including the awesome seed and garden shop that my mom, nerd and i were the first people in on friday and had it to ourselves for 15 glorious/super fun minutes), we checked out the good local food at the food carts there. yum.

for those of you that are "fixer upper" fans, we also went to clint's store  where his shop is and it was also so good (aka i kind of wanted one of everything). i probably walked around the store 5 times just to see everything he had. the shot below of all of the wooden numbers/letters was from his shop. oh man, letters and numbers get me every time. there was an "h" that just jumped in my hands so i had to bring it home with me. and maybe one or two other things that i had been eyeing from some previewing on the website before we flew down;)

we ate really good food. we checked out great shops with combo of new items and antiques. we ate ice cream at a local creamery (two nights in a row) and from a local ice cream truck (so good). we checked out the iconic suspension bridge across the river that runs through town. we swam at the hotel pool for hours and malena was in swimming heaven. our mermaid could stay in the pool all day long if we let her. we checked out local coffee shops to grab some green teas. we went to the saturday market and it was such a good one. they even had gluten free crepes, and yes, of course i had one. and i savored every single bit. and they had gluten free macaroons that were so tasty. and yes, of course i had one. ooops, i mean two. we put our feet up and relaxed. we read. we slept well.

it was all so good.

so thankful that the fates were kind to me and i felt good enough to go on the trip, and that the side effects were manageable for me while i was there.

i would go back to waco anytime.

anyone want to go?

i can be packed in 15 minutes.


happy weekend y'all. xo

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